Civil dispute resolution 


Disputes regarding business, landlords, tenants, or debt recovery can be an incredibly difficult and confusing process. The legal system can be quite difficult to navigate without professional knowledge and if not followed properly, you can end up with an outcome which is unjust and leaves you dissatisfied.

We strive to ensure that you receive justice for whatever legal matter you are struggling with in a fast and efficient manner.

We are experienced in providing advice in relation to a wide range of civil disputes. If you have suffered injury as a result of an accident at work or a road traffic accident, we can advise in relation to pursuing compensation.

You may be in dispute with your landlord or a tenant and we can provide appropriate advice. We can help if a financial institution raises court proceedings against you or if you require to recover a debt from somebody else.

If you need advice in relation to any of these types of problem - or indeed any other civil disputes - please contact us for professional advice.

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